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Betty Barclay

Betty Barclay unifies Merchandise Financial Planning for all its brands

Integrated and intelligent merchandise planning with Board connects product management and point-of-sales.

The BETTY BARCLAY GROUP is an internationally operating family business. The company’s portfolio is comprised of 12 fashion brands, including Betty Barclay, Gil Bret, Vera Mont, Betty & Co, Amber & June, and Cartoon. Knowing the assortment, sizes, qualities, and quantities required in different stores and e-commerce platforms is essential for Betty Barclay to increase customer loyalty. 

Previously, Betty Barclay used several isolated planning solutions for each of its respective labels. The Board Intelligent Planning Platform now unifies planning for all brands, markets, and channels—including wholesale planning—and provides all data for order planning. In total, Board replaces multiple planning solutions and more than 600 complex Excel spreadsheets.

  • Industry: Fashion & Luxury
  • Department: Sales
  • Locations: 4000 in 70 countries
  • Employees: 1,300
  • Revenue: €257 Million