On-demand Webinar

From Business Intelligence to Decision Making: The Evolution of Analytics

BI tools have evolved from niche solutions supporting a single mode of analytics to full-stack platforms that support all types of analytics capabilities and even some data management tasks. Nonetheless, most companies still struggle to standardize on a single analytics platform although it’s getting harder to justify purchasing and managing multiple point products.

This webinar will describe the evolution of analytics, the pros and cons of establishing a standard analytics platform, how to align BI and data functionality with user requirements, and the growing convergence of analytics and data management functionality.

During this 60-minute recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • How BI tools have evolved into platforms
  • The pros and cons of standardizing on an analytics platform
  • How to align BI and data functionality with user requirements
  • The convergence of analytics and data functionality 

Download this exclusive recorded webinar with Wayne Eckerson, Principal Consultant of the Eckerson Group, as he and Mike Talbott, Global Product Director at Board, discuss the evolution of the BI Market from niche tools to modern analytics platforms.