Budgeting and Planning made easy

Discover now how Technology changes the game

Planning is a crucial instrument for active management control but despite the vast sums of money that companies invest in this core process it usually remains a significant challenge.
The inability to properly plan can make growth impossible. The BOARD solution not only allows you to plan for the company's future, but also allows for the planning process to be continuous and ever-evolving.

Thanks to its integrated BI and CPM environment, BOARD has the following advantages:

  • Plan and Analyze in Real-Time;
  • Make your planning agile with BOARD’s dynamic data model;
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge data-entry capabilities;
  • Effortlessly implement fully customized workflow;
  • Create sophisticated business rules without coding;
  • Manage unlimited scenarios and versions;


With BOARD, everything that an enterprise needs to manage corporate planning processes is available in a single and integrated framework. Download the factsheet to discover more about BOARD Planning capabilities.