BOARD Recency, Frequency & Monetary

BOARD RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)

Most marketing and sales professionals are aware that by targeting your acquisition marketing through insights into your best customers enables you to target and attract new customers who are more likely to respond to your strengths and purchase your offerings. But, before you can start to understand your best customers, you first need to identify them. And that’s where a solution that uses recency, frequency and monetary analysis (or RFM) comes in handy.

The BOARD RFM application is a turnkey solution to segment customers by examining how recently they have purchased, how often they purchase, and how much each customer spends. The clusters of customers created by BOARD RFM are then immediately available as dimensions for any further analysis, planning, or forecasting process. All within the same, all-in-one, fully integration BOARD solution.

BOARD's coding-free and intuitive drag-and-drop architecture ensures that the ownership and control of your models stays with the business users and requires minimal ongoing support of IT or consultants.

Please join us for this free, informative webinar and learn more about BOARD's solution for segmenting your customers by their Recency, Frequency and Monetary value.