Public Sector Budgeting

Making the Budgeting Process More Efficient, Informed by Best Possible Data, and Connected to Business Outcomes

Public Sector Budgeting

A solution by Neubrain

Many government organizations invest in enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools to improve back office operations. However, handling key managerial processes such as budgeting, planning, reporting, and analysis manually can disconnect them from the overall enterprise, leading to inaccuracies, inefficiencies, and errors.


Budgets are often established and then quickly forgotten. But monitoring performance and measuring adherence to performance goals is key to the health of any organization. Neubrain’s All-in-one Budgeting and Performance Management software solution connects your performance information sources together, providing a complete view of how your organization is doing and projecting where it needs to be for the future.

Public sector organizations from small municipalities to large Federal government agencies can benefit from our modern and all-in-one Budgeting and Performance Management software solution.

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