Direct Cash Flow Planning

Optimizing your corporate cash flow is crucial for improving your company's performance and achieving growth in value. In today's volatile market conditions and ever-changing regulations, it's important to introduce efficient financial planning processes to achieve better organizational structures and risk prevention.

This, in turn, can reduce invested capital, lower financial costs, improve your negotiating capacity with financial institutions and as result increasing the company value.

The Cash Flow Planning solution is a tool for supporting monthly business planning and analysis, enabling data-driven decision. It integrates economic and financial planning processes both at local and group level, allowing multi-scenario simulations with real-time performances.

This solution is designed using direct cash flow planning and estimate the balance sheet based on it. It can work as a stand-alone tool or also be natively integrated with existing Board models.More than 100 medium and large firms have already adopted our monthly cash flow planning model.

A solution by Adacta

Enhance your Cash Flow Planning

Embrace our monthly planning solution. It offers a streamlined and efficient platform for managing operational, financial and extraordinary cash flow rolling forecasts ranging 12 or more months, suiting both local company and largest group needs.

Get advanced features that allow integration, reconciliation, automation and real-time analysis of different economic scenarios.


Data Collection

Speed up your cash flow planning by integrating your ERP's payables and receivables schedule, automating the integration of actual closing data from other Board models or external sources, and reducing manual input. This will save valuable time to your team.


From Economic to Cash Flow Planning

Plan your medium-long term cash flows by combining forecasts, budget, and strategic plan, including sales, capex, and HR planning for relevant insights. Use financial phasing and simulation based on collect and payment conditions for informed, data-driven decisions.


Easier Reconciliation Activities

Accelerate your reconciliation activities with ad-hoc designed dashboards; our solution eases this time-consuming process, allowing quick and efficient matching of:

  • Cash flows vs economic planning
  • Intercompany eliminations and funding
  • Payables schedule vs debt accounts

The intuitive interface simplifies these complex tasks ensuring data quality across your organization.


Multi-scenario Planning & Real Time Analysis

Deliver your cash flow and balance sheet with real-time performance across multiple economical and financial versions, obtaining data-driven insights to guide your decision-making process.

By using multiple scenarios, you will be able to:

  • Test alternative funding measures
  • Compare the financial perspective of different budgets and strategic plans
  • Sizing the short-term facility for the next month


Reporting & Dashboarding

Prioritize high-value tasks like analysis and simulations minimizing manual activities. Use advanced reporting tools like drill-down and pivoting to navigate dynamic dashboards. Keep stakeholders informed with interactive reports, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Covenant KPIs to ease the monitoring and reporting of business performance.

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