Analyst report: IDC

IDC - A Call to Rethink Decision Support Software Capabilities

Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Era of AI

This Executive Snapshot by IDC helps enterprises to evaluate a new generation of Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) software solutions, focusing on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Most traditional BI and Analytics software solutions do not provide support for all the activities of the decision-making process, leaving users without all the required information and reliant on personal experience.

Today, thanks to technological innovations in the field of analytics, there are several opportunities to start benefiting from AI and ML capabilities within a decision-making platform like the Board software, which natively embeds AI and ML capabilities to:

  • Automate specific tasks across decision support activities
  • Monitor decision-making processes

In this IDC Perspective, the authors refer to AI as a broad range of advanced analytics methods for machine learning (ML), deep learning, and reinforcement learning. The use of various methods or combinations of these methods depends on specific use case characteristics, such as the type of data, volume of available data, and type of output.

Regardless of the method, AI is used to automate:

  • Tasks (e.g., assessing quality of a data source)
  • Activities (e.g., analyzing data)
  • The whole process of producing actionable insight

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