Analyst report: BARC

The Future of Reporting by BARC

Modernizing Enterprise Reporting to Meet Changing Needs

As this BARC research highlights, data-driven approaches within modern organizations have increased confidence in business decisions and reduced wasted time. Managers and stakeholders can now benefit from modern Business Intelligence (BI) and Predictive Analytics solutions which have become able to extract, interpret, and elaborate data in fast, meaningful, and “human” way through Natural Language Queries (NQL), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and other useful capabilities. In addition to this, flexibility, accessibility, and personalization contribute to the usability of data, including self-service reporting, and to the related expectations throughout the entire decision-making cycle. 


Discover BARC's advice on:

• Meeting higher data and analysis demands

• Optimizing visualization and accessibility

• Facilitating access to predictive analytics


Download this BARC management summary and discover how to modernize enterprise BI and analytics.