Analyst report: BARC

BARC – Integrated and Predictive – The Future of Corporate Planning

An exclusive market study

The solid integration of corporate planning and its unification with analytics is the basis of modern, data-driven corporate management. It not only increases the speed and transparency of decisions and their quality, but it is also the foundation for the use of predictive planning and forecasting powered by statistical methods and machine learning.

This exclusive market study, conducted by analyst firm BARC and sponsored by Board, explores the developing world of corporate planning through the eyes of over 400 professionals from various geographies, industries, and business functions. 

Download the study to:

  • Understand where your peers are at on their digital transformation journey
  • Gain insight into the future of corporate planning and forecasting
  • Get practical recommendations for taking your business planning to the next level

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar with Carsten Bange, CEO and founder of BARC, to find out from him the key findings of the research.