An Alternative to Spreadsheets for Revenue, Cost, Resource and Capacity Planning

When it comes to revenue, cost, resource and capacity planning, the reality is that many firms spend an extensive amount of hours on manual spreadsheet-based processes, with over 40% of billing and management reporting time spent on activities which could be automated. Not only is this time-consuming and tedious, it also creates room for error and ultimately the chance of poor project decisions. However there is an easier way…

Attend this webinar to see how you could save yourself time and effort by moving away from manual spreadsheets to a more accurate and automated way of planning and reporting – all in a single platform.

This session will explore how BOARD can:

  • Free up your time for more value-added activities
  • Reduce the risk of user error in planning and reporting processes
  • Give you back control with flexible, collaborative workflow
  • Provide powerful modelling capabilities in a drag and drop environment
  • Deliver insight into your data through powerful reporting and dashboarding