Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

In this webinar you will see a quick overview of how easily and quickly BOARD allows you to create reports and analyses without any programming, with effective integration with Microsoft Office and your daily working environment.

By storing all of your planning data in one place and giving users the power to create, review and change their budgeting and planning data instantly, your organisation can create a ‘review and analyse’ culture rather than a ‘copy and paste’ spreadsheet factory.

Learn how:

  • BOARD enables organisations to combine planning processes with budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • To improve your planning and budgeting activities while maintaining a spreadsheet environment for end users.
  • Easily and effectively BOARD allows users to create a budget and review cycle with checks and balances. 
  • To achieve a consistent, accurate view of key corporate information for effective forecasting.
  • You can continue to plan in your daily working environment with seamless integration from BOARD.
  • To add commentary directly to data without the need to upload from external programmes.
  • You can create immediate time comparisons for planning and reporting through a set of time-based functions.
  • To easily create ad-hoc reports based on forecasted and budgeting data.