BOARD: Grocery Retail Planning and Analytics - Asia Pacific

In turbulent times, an enterprise platform enabling an integrated BI and Planning approach across finance and operations becomes a key success factor.

Planning and Analytics for Grocery Retailers

BOARD’s flexibility and ease of use make it easy to align financial objectives with fast-paced daily operations, helping grocery organisations become more efficient and profitable while improving customers’ loyalty and retention.

With BOARD you will be able to:
o    Analyze, forecast and simulate the effect of promotions on sales and margins
o    Monitor suppliers’ performance
o    Create store and label P&L projections
o    Master category management
o    Minimise stock-outs and over-stocks
o    Link financial objectives to operations
o    Easily define and implement workflows across the whole organisations
o    Align the sales, marketing, production and logistical departments
o    Increase users’ efficiency thorough self-service analysis

Please join us for this free webinar and discover how BOARD can easily be used to help you make better decisions and improve your business performance.