Better Decisions, Better Business

Attend this thirty minute webinar to discover not only how BOARD can improve your Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis activities, helping you to make more informed business decisions, but also, in the same solution, offer powerful Corporate Performance Management (CPM) functionality.

This webinar will show you:

  • How BOARD makes it possible to create customised Business Intelligence reports without the need for programming.
  • From simple reports to the most sophisticated applications, any analysis can be easily built using drag and drop functionality.
  • Gain greater value from your data with a variety of analytical functions from Forecasting (e.g. Linear Regression, Holt Winters etc.) to Business Indicators (e.g. Recency Frequency, etc.)
  • How end-users have access to a full “self-service” information environment, which enables them to obtain immediate answers to their questions from a verified, consistent, shared information source.
  • Unstructured data including text commentary, documents and images helping to provide you with the full picture in conjunction with your numeric data sets.