Better Decision-Making with Predictive Insights

Drive better decision-making with more meaningful and predictive insights with BEAM

Are your internal business processes able to perform efficiently in today's fast paced economy?

Taysols will show you how to achieve better business outcomes by integrating BOARD's Enterprise Analytics Modelling (BEAM) into your daily processes.

BEAM offers a revolutionary solution to effectively incorporate all the power of predictive analytics, clustering and analytical functions into your daily business operations and the decision-making process.

This advanced analytical and predictive module allows you

  • Turn your history into business prediction by using automated predictive modelling to execute extremely accurate forecasts.
  • Run instantaneous cluster and segmentation analysis to better understand your customers and evaluate your products.
  • Access BOARD's statistical functions to present your results in attractive, easy-to-read dashboards or reports.


Ultimately, BEAM will help you gain powerful business insights and improve the positioning of your business.

BEAM is built for the business user and as such doesn't require any expert knowledge.

Join this webinar to learn how to!