Have you reached the limits of your data visualisation tool?

You’ve visualised your data, analysed it & gained insight. Now what?

You have a clear view of what’s happened but now you need to make business decisions based on the new insights you have…

  • Do you simply extrapolate the past and make a guesstimate for the future?
  • Do you ever wonder what the impact of your decision will be?
  • Do you miss the ability to truly collaborate around the process of making that decision?


If you’re anything like most users of data visualisation tools, the best you can hope for is a download to Excel and you’re back to manual manipulation of your data, with all the inherent challenges and frustrations that entails.

BOARD is different.

BOARD brings you all the self service, data preparation and rich visualisation capabilities modern business intelligence users expect but it’s different because it doesn’t stop there…

  • Model an unlimited range of scenarios through powerful data input capabilities and simple manipulation of organisational structures or hierarchies.
  • Work collaboratively and benefit from powerful workflow features, shared commentary, security and authorisation, all down to the data cell level if you need it.
  • Utilise advanced analytics techniques to scientifically extrapolate your data, predict trends and identify clusters.


In short… Analyse. Simulate. Plan. All in a single tool.

Join us for this live webinar to see BOARD’s next generation, all-in-one, decision-making platform that combines your data discovery, data visualisation, planning, modelling & workflow with analytics in a coding free, easy to use drag & drop environment.